Famous Mockingbird Tracker

As an addition to The Famous Mockingbird piece (Two of Phifty-Two), I mailed four unique birds to friends of mine.  Each of the four birds (Big Red, Cactus, Henrietta, and Iron Man) contained a note asking the recipient to autograph the bird, bag it… tag it… and send it on its way to another friend. *UPDATE (5/15/2014): Due to inactivity of the first four birds – I am sending out 12 more birds which are now “Teams” – Team “Big Red”, Team “Cactus”, Team “Henrietta”, and Team “Iron Man”.  Team totals will be tracked in the Stats section below.  I guess these new birds are the original’s cousins.  Fly!

–  The Famous Mockingbirds –

bigredbird cactusbird henriettabird ironmanbird

Here is the greeting that the birds bring with them:

Dear Phriend,

You have been granted a visit from Icculus’ faithful friend The Famous Mockingbird.  She is on her way to return the Helping Friendly Book and bring peace back to the land of Gamehendge.  Please assist The Famous Mockingbird in her journey by sending her to a Phriend, thus completing another leg in her journey towards restoring the land of the Lizards.

Bird Tracker

The map below shows the flight of the four Famous Mocking Birds.  Hover over a green dots to see the details of each location. As I hear news of the birds travels, I will update the map and tally the distance each bird has traveled.  Look for photos of the birds with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

    Famous Mockingbird Stats

    Bird Name # of Stops Total Distance Traveled
    Team “Big Red” 3 3,567 mi
    Team “Cactus” 4 5,651 mi
    Team “Henrietta” 3 575 mi
    Team “Iron Man” 5 3,910 mi
    Total 15 13,703 mi